Your steel-framed home is limited only by your imagination. Steel framing allows for creative and flexible designs:

  • suitable for difficult sloping blocks
  • allows for large open living areas
  • perfect for large doors and windows
  • custom-built projects a specialty


Our extensive testing at James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station ensures that our homes meet compliance with cyclonic wind loadings across northern Australia.


  • Steel construction homes are built with minimal site impact so quite literally, it ‘touches the earth lightly’. This is especially apparent on sloping and difficult sites where it can be used in conjunction with suspended subfloor systems, reducing the need to cut into the site and thus leaving a much smaller imprint
  • TRUECORE® steel is 100 per cent recyclable, and produced with a component of recycled steel
  • Our steel is chemical-free
  • Steel is fire-proof.



Steel home construction offer many advantages over timber and block homes.

  • Steel Wall frames do not require tedious cyclone tie down rods due to the strength of steel
  • Steel avoids the problem of natural weaknesses associated with timber
  • Steel avoids unwanted movement as the materials does not have a moisture content like timber
  • Limitless design opportunity as steel is easier to fabricate in sections than timber
  • Removes concerns with termites and fire
  • Allows you to build on difficult sites more easily than with timber.


Utilising products that have maintenance free properties is an essential part of the overall Homefab design technique:

  • Steel allows for a wide range of floor and or deck sheeting, internal wall lining, external wall cladding and roof sheet products
  • Internal wall lining Villaboard in all wet areas, and Pine Ridge Sheeting in lieu of Gyprock
  • Zincalume or Colourbond Roof cladding integrated with Re-flectorbreak insulation is our preferred roofing product in remote areas due to the products durability and ability to flat pack throughout the transit process
  • External wall cladding uses Colourbond Claddings, James Hardie Products integrated with the use of a suitable insulation product according to cladding chosen
  • Choice of plastic composite decking timber in lieu of general hardwood and Scyon Flooring (Compressed Fibre Cement) in lieu of plywood for living and wet areas
  • Your choice of James Hardie Hardi-tex, Versilux or Colourbond Mini Rib for Cladding for your soffits and verandah ceilings.



There are many myths about steel. Here are some of the most common questions new clients ask.




  • Wall and roof framing is manufactured from TRUECORE® steel which is 100 per cent termite and borer proof. Because of this, the frames don’t require additional chemical treatments to protect them from pest attack
  • TRUECORE® steel is also non-combustible, so its use significantly reduces the amount of flammable material in a home.