Homefab has become the supplier of choice for many remote communities in northern Australia. Our attention to detail, awareness of the environmental challenges and commitment to supplying a cost-effective product make the Homefab modular kit homes the ideal product for remote areas. Choose Homefab for an affordable steel home.



The ease of construction associated with the building of Homefab’s steel framed homes, has led remote Councils to undertake the construction using Community labour with minimal engagement from outside contractors.

The proprietary Home-Fab DIY Construction System offers significant benefit to remote community members:

  • Creating new jobs and career pathways as construction workers
  • Providing new skills and self esteem
  • Community cost savings.


We know that transport and building costs are a major concern for remote communities. We can alleviate those concerns by:

  • transporting our lightweight components in flat packs which avoids damage even on rough roads
  • providing an easy-to-construct modular system that can quickly be assembled by members of the community
  • supplying all the building materials you require as we know you cannot readily access items
  • conducting site visits to provide assistance and training when required
Steel frame builders having a discussion - Homefab



Steel framed homes have the qualities and design flexibility to meet the harsh weather and environmental conditions facing remote and regional areas.

Our products are:

  • naturally termite and fire resistant
  • mold and fungus resistant
  • designed and tested to meet cyclone specifications
  • flexible in design to cater for floods or other risks
  • low maintenance
  • not susceptible to expanding and contracting thus avoiding movement


You save costs by:

  • having community members build rather than hiring contractor
  • build faster due to the fact that we value-add features such as pre-punched holes which save time
  • building with durable products that are virtually maintenance-free
  • having flexibility in design so that no changes are needed post-build



With over 28 years working in the Far North we have an understanding of the Government’s requirements for the Design and Construction Standards for Remote Indigenous Housing, and can initiate the design concepts to meet the various council’s needs.


The Homefab Team has a strong association with Aboriginal people and communities in the Far North. One of our Managing Directors / Production Manager, Brian Cater spent 10 years of his youth growing up in the communities of Bamaga and Yarrabah.

Brian’s wife, Trish is an Indigenous woman with strong ties within the communities of the Far North. Trish’ family background is from Lakefield National Park – Hopevale, and also Djabugay – Kuranda.

Brian and Trish together have a family of 5 Indigenous children, all the family are very active people within the sporting and youth sectors of the community.

Brian and Trish share their knowledge with the Homefab team on indigenous matters within the various Communities such as:

  • Elders, acknowledgement of original land custodians
  • Knowledge of culture, extended families and kinship
  • Contacts and known associates in the communities
  • Communication, respect and sensitivity
  • Awareness of the signi­ficant cultural events and business respect in the communities
  • Supply an understanding of community structure