If you’ve always wanted to be an owner builder but lacked the confidence or felt you might be limited in design, you will love the flexibility and ease offered by a Homefab Steel Truss and Frame steel home. Whether you are looking for a portable or permanent home, you will have support and advice from our knowledgeable team at every step.



The experienced team at Homefab knows that there are very specific reasons why you have chosen the DIY route. You may wish to:

  • save costs
  • gain new skills
  • build a sustainable home
  • incorporate “green” aspects into your design
  • do justice to an unusual block
  • choose options due to remoteness

The Homefab DIY Construction System is easy to use, and requires no formal training, which is why owner builders, home builders and remote community councils are building using the Homefab DIY system.


The Homefab DIY Construction System is easy to use and requires no formal training. The Owner Builder process with Homefab is clear and simple.

  • Homefab organises delivery to your job site
  • You complete building permit requirements
  • Select or design a plan for your new home/ renovation/ extension
  • Fax, e-mail or post it to Homefab, or come into our Mareeba office
  • Homefab will contact you to get the full details of your request
  • Homefab will furnish you with a free estimate on your design and contact you to let you know the estimated cost
  • You approve the right price and approve your custom design, then we commence your construction plans
  • Homefab manufactures your new steel dream home and packs all the items included in your estimate
  • Homefab offers a after hours advice and help phone number
  • Any after sales service is also taken care of by Homefab

Homefab lends owner builders tools such as nail guns, screw guns, bearer stands, at no extra expense.



Our skilled Homefab team knows the north of Australian well. They know about environmental issues, weather patterns, soil types and other factors which you may wish to consider when designing your dream home. We can advise you about:

  • local building permits
  • insurance needs
  • changes to the building code
  • climate considerations
  • correct orientation to regulate temperature
  • building materials to regulate temperature
  • air flow and energy efficiency
  • insulation
  • sustainable design features such as larger overhangs


Some people like to design their homes from scratch while others prefer to start with one of our many existing designs. Which ever your preferred process of home design Homefab has the answer. We use the latest 3D design technology to create your custom home or refine our existing plans.

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