Whether you’re a remote community looking to build new housing or community spaces, an owner builder working on your new dream home or wanting a holiday house, or a builder who uses steel over timber and block, the Homefab DIY solution is designed for you.

Here is an overview of the DIY journey:

  • Before and during the on site process, Homefab will carry out any number of site visits and provide assistance in training where necessary or as required
  • Homefab’s steel building components are prefabricated, colour coded and numbered, considerable savings in site construction time is achieved. The prefabrication process, comprehensive site instruction manual, detailed on site instruction plans, and delivery check-list form an integral part of the system to cater for users with minimal formal training
  • Homefab’s quality control system ensures that all components arrive on site at the same time, and are clearly labeled for identification. We also offer an option to receive the building components in stages as required to decrease the chance of goods being damaged or stolen. All Homefab’s steel building components are colour coded and numbered for ease of construction on site, which match up with the site instruction manual and layouts that are supplie
  • We can provide you subfloor systems, wall frames, trusses, handrails, steps, and most major building components for lightweight residential and commercial buildings, along with lock up stage and complete stage hardware options

Homefab recognises the importance of reducing time and costs on site. This includes:

  • The installation of pre-bracing into internal & external prefabricated wall frames
  • Pre-punching of the top & bottom plate for the slab, subfloor and roof truss tie down
  • Pre-punching of the studs for plumbing pipes and electrical cable
  • Installing recesses for plunge baths and showers units
  • Screw-fixing cleats to the bearers to predetermine the joist layout, along with inserting nut insets to match up with wall frames and bottom plate tie-downs.



We take care to ensure that your steel home meets your exact specifications. We will deliver:

  • your pre-fabricated components in perfect condition
  • other items such as brackets and screws that are needed to put the structure together
  • pre-braced wall frames, re-punched tie down holes and other value added features for ease of construction
  • a detailed instruction manual’
  • on-site plans
  • site visits when required
  • after hours advice and assistance


  • Homefab is situated in Mareeba, a prime location to offer our services to Northen Australia
  • We keep robust stocks of BHP Australian steel, eliminating possible delays due to steel shortages, or road closures from weather events
  • Our strong and stable workforce is always on their game
  • We roll-form all steel wall fame and truss product in our Mareeba workshop, North Queensland.



  • Homefab’s prefabricated house components are light weight and therefore easily transported to rural and remote areas of Queensland
  • Homefab by using their loading and packaging techniques the risk of damage which may occur on unsealed roads within our market area is eliminated


We have a range of standard house designs or we can custom design a modern kit home that meets your unique needs. Once you have purchased your new steel home, we will transport the prefabricated components to you in flat packs so that they arrive in perfect condition.

You will receive:

  • steel building components that are clearly numbered or colour-coded
  • a detailed instruction manual
  • detailed on site instruction plans
  • delivery check list

We also provide the following value added features:

  • pre-punched holes for the truss tie down
  • bottom plate to subfloor tie down
  • plunge bath/shower recess noggins
  • pre-braced internal and external walls
  • pre-punched studs for easy cable and pipes installation
  • Homefab’s design-registered truss brackets

At Homefab, we do not believe our responsibility ends on delivery. We will:

  • make site visits to inspect progress
  • provide training assistance if required
  • provision of afterhours advice and help number
  • lend tools such as nail guns, screw guns, bearer stands at no extra expense.