At Homefab, we build prefabricated steel homes across Northern Australia. Our four-bedroom homes offer comfortable living quarters for families and groups who want all the modern conveniences of a contemporary home in an affordable, simple package. Our four-bedroom steel homes are built to last, designed to withstand the cyclonic weather of Northern Australia as well as the extremes of weather in both winter and summer. Including everything an Australian family needs to thrive, we’re proud to deliver our four-bedroom homes across the region every day.

A Four-bedroom House


Our four-bedroom steel homes are the perfect choice for families and larger groups. Boasting four good-sized bedrooms, a four-bedroom home allows for families to grow and expand without the worry of lack of space and ensure that couples and individuals still have plenty of space to accommodate guests and hobbies. Extra bedrooms can be used as games rooms or as a workspace or simply kept as guest rooms for extended family gatherings and parties.

Choosing a four-bedroom house for those buyers that can afford it often offers better value for money in terms of cost per square foot. A four-bedroom house will also ensure that buyers don’t outgrow their homes, which means less moving from property to property and more stability in the long term.


At Homefab, we design four-bedroom homes for families and groups with varying needs. Our four-bedroom homes are designed with living areas, including kitchens and living rooms, for public relaxing and socialising. We can also design four-bedroom homes with verandahs, which are a great addition to homes in summer when the weather is good and extra rooms, including offices that are perfect for families and couples who sometimes work from home.

We can also offer four-bedroom homes with garages, which can be used to park vehicles and provide extra storage; space like this makes our four-bedroomed homes a must for bigger families.

A Cozy Bedroom


Our prefabricated four-bedroom homes are designed to provide versatile, comfortable, long-lasting accommodation to families and groups across Northern Australia. A four-bedroom home is a perfect choice for growing families and couples who appreciate space; with plenty of space to grow and expand, a four-bedroom home will usually last most homeowners for life – or until it’s time to downsize.

At Homefab, we build steel homes that are high-quality and durable. Using only the highest quality materials and created and assembled with superior workmanship, all of our prefabricated steel homes can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.


If you’d like to know more about our prefabricated steel homes in Northern Australia, call us today. We design and build prefabricated homes in various sizes, including two, three, and four-bedroom prefabricated homes. If you’re looking for a home design that meets your needs – or will suit your property development site – perfectly, get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to discuss our prefab homes with you.

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