Homefab is a leading provider of high-grade, steel-framed homes. Built from Truecore Steel that’s manufactured here in Australia, we are proud of the superior build quality and longevity of the products that we manufacture. Our two-bedroom house plans include everything necessary for high-end, comfortable living. Available in a variety of attractive locations, a two-bedroom house is perfect for a wide range of occupants.

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2 Bedroom House Plan to be built in Cairns, QLD


Two-bedroom homes are growing in popularity for smaller families, couples and singles who want additional space. The second bedroom can be used with flexibility – many couples and singles like to use the space as a home gym, office, hobby room, pet room or study. Other people may prefer to rent the room out to provide some additional income.

Two-bedroom homes are also a good investment for people who may wish to accommodate an additional person (such as a family member or carer) in the future.

When you opt for a two-bedroom home, you enjoy all the benefits of comfortable living space, without the additional energy and maintenance costs associated with a larger property.

If cost is an issue, a two-bedroom property tends to be more cost-effective – perfect for budget-conscious buyers who still want the advantages that a multi room dwelling can bring.

The big advantage of a two-bedroom home is its versatility. Many families find that a two-bedroom property provides plenty of space for their needs, whether this be a farm property or the inner-city suburbs.


As well as two good size bedrooms, our two-bedroom home designs include an open plan living, dining and kitchen space, as well as a toilet, separate bathroom and a laundry area. An exterior carport ensures the car is close to the property – ideal for older people or those with impaired mobility. The car can be parked under the port, protected from rain, wind and UV light.

The open-plan living area is a large space that’s designed to be light and bright. There is plenty of flexibility in how it can be laid out, enabling residents to repurpose their living space as a studio, entertaining space or a place to relax and unwind.

Homefabs standard 2-bedroom homes are built with one level, which is ideal for the elderly or those with limited mobility.

2 bedroom home inclusions


Steel-framed homes are safe, comfortable and extremely durable. Highly resistant to insects and pests as well as deterioration from sunlight or biological agents. They are homes that will last for decades without further maintenance.

The adaptable designs ensure that your home will carry on being suitable for your needs as you and your family age.

If you want a forever home that’s low-maintenance and designed with the comfort and independence of the occupants in mind, one of Homefab’s two-bedroom homes is an excellent choice.

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