If you require a builder – whether it be to just erect steelwork, erect your new home to a Lock Up Stage, or to build your entire new home, We now have an experienced, dedicated new team called Homefab Building & Construction to help out our clients with our Homefab product and services, and for the build of their new home, renovation, extension, garage or customised shed.

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If you’re designing a house for the first time or looking for something specific for your family home, picking the right floor plan is step one. By mapping out your property exactly how you want it ahead of time, you have the blueprints for a house that you’ll love for years to come.

Here are some of the main considerations you should think about when you work with our expert team at Homefab:

A new steel frame home in Northern Queensland


Lifestyle should be your number one consideration when designing a house. The way you live and the things you consider important can make a huge difference to your home’s final layout and feel. So, starting with a list of requirements to suit your lifestyle is an excellent place to start.

For example, a home that’s all about family might benefit from large communal living spaces. For those passionate about a streamlined household, opting for a layout that reflects that will allow for maximum enjoyment. Anything from the amount of storage to the number and layout of rooms can be affected by your personal lifestyle.

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One person’s house may be quite different from a home for a family of five – different priorities, different requirements, and different needs for space. The joy of building and designing your own home is getting to design a house that suits the people that live in it. Whether that’s in the immediate now, or for a family you hope to expand in the future.

Think about what floor plan and design would best suit your family now and in the future. One bathroom could work for a family of three, but you may find having an extra bathroom handy if you plan to expand your family and stay in your self-designed home for years to come.

A steel frame home design in Cairns - Homefab
Outside a steel frame kit home design in Mareeba


The flow of your home can make a huge difference every single day. Whether you enjoy being able to shut the door and tune out in a separate office space or you like the seamless transition from living to dining in an open-plan space, thinking about how you want your home design to flow can help you enjoy it even more.

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Budget can play a large role in what your home design looks like. There are many ways to save costs and get the house of your dreams by being clever with the scale layout and floor plan of your house. For example, open living spaces may be more affordable than many closed rooms. Knowing your budget and sticking to it with your design can ensure you get a home you love without spending every penny you have.

A steel kit home design in Northern QLD
a steel framed home design in Townsville


If you live in Northern Queensland, picking a home that suits your specific environment is integral to its longevity. Hardwearing steel frame homes, like the ones we build at Homefab, provide you with the best possible protection. Ensuring your new home looks incredible, suits your needs and requires minimal maintenance for years to come.

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