Happy Belated New Year!

Happy belated New Year!!🥳 Hopefully everyone is coping with the onslaught of rain recently. This week we are in the process of moving the office, though our phones and emails are up and running for enquiries. We will be back to our normal manufacturing selves as of next Monday 11th January. Stay safe!

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From our family to yours, On behalf of the whole team here at Homefab we would like to extend our best wishes out to our wonderful community and hope that everyone stays safe and well in these uncertain and changing times. We understand that many things will take priority in people’s lives at this point [...]

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Rocky Situation?

Have you got yourself a rocky situation on a sloping block? Well no need to spend a bucket of cash on site prep and pad excavation - Its not an issue when you use our steel sub floor system!! Problem solved!Posted by Homefab on Friday, 17 April 2020

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