Top Dressing the New Yard

Prior to Christmas, Homefab engaged in Civil works to Top dress the New Yard to ensure a stable surface for Trucks and Machinery to manoeuvre safely. Greatly helpful in wet weather. Thanks Dale Iken @tmcnqldPosted by Homefab on Wednesday, 24 March 2021

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New Production Staff Room!

The boys now have a nice big Production Staff room all to themselves! Fully equipped for Lunch and meetings! The main office is not far behind and will soon be ready to show off. Stay tuned!Posted by Homefab on Tuesday, 19 January 2021

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The New Homefab – Our Steel Frame system

In early 2020 Homefab will roll out a new innovative steel framing system, this will allow Homefab to manufacture a new standard in steel wall frames and trusses for North Queensland. Utilizing our 30+ years of experience, with new machinery incorporating the latest technology, Homefab will offer its innovative system to North Queensland and all [...]

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Keen For Green

This week the Firecraft Environmental team are completing the fenceline landscaping at the new Homefab block! It's great to have a bit of Green around the place 😁 Even little Tommy Roundhead is making himself at home!

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