Awesome Locals

Have you noticed the awesome effort from the Shane Smith Builders Team on this modern designed commercial building in the main St of Mareeba? Homefab has had the pleasure of working with Shane and the crew to measure, design and fabricate the full height and raking wall frames which will remain Strong, Straight and [...]

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Keen For Green

This week the Firecraft Environmental team are completing the fenceline landscaping at the new Homefab block! It's great to have a bit of Green around the place 😁 Even little Tommy Roundhead is making himself at home!

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Introducing Mark West!

Mark is Homefab's Business Development Manager, and with many years experience in customer relations - both local and international - who could be a better addition to Homefab and our community? Mark has spent many years in Supervisory and Management roles and is a highly sought after account manager and sales rep! He has been [...]

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The Point Of Difference With Homefab Steel Framed Kit Homes

Homefab is a regional business providing steel framed kit homes. The company is built on genuine relationships and a customer centered work philosophy, with a mission statement that says it all. As the team at Homefab belong to the local, regional community, they support, educate and sponsor community programs and schools as well as participate [...]

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Why Build With Steel? Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Building Steel Framed Homes!

Steel framed homes offer a number of advantages over traditional timber-framed homes.   From it’s strength to its sustainability, steel framing consistently proves to be the better choice when it comes to building homes. Steel is a versatile building material that has led to its use in nearly every stage of the kit home construction [...]

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The History of Steel Framed Homes

When it comes to homes in Australia, many people think Steel Framed Homes are a relatively new concept in modern housing.  However, what many people don’t realise is that steel has been used as a building material for homes in Australia for over 50 years! Looking back even further steel has been used as a [...]

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