In addition to being a structurally versatile and adaptable material, steel offers the opportunity for architectural expression. Good quality detailing is vital because it affects structural performance, cost, buildability and, perhaps most importantly, the appearance of the building.

Although the choice of structural form is often the province of the structural engineer, architects should have an appreciation of the factors leading to the selection of the structure and its details. Traditionally, most detailing of connections is the responsibility of the structural engineer or steelwork contractor but, for exposed steelwork, detailing is of much more interest to the architect, as it impacts on the concept of the building.

In this respect, it is important that architects appreciate the common fabrication and erection techniques which may exert a strong influence on the method and approach to the detailing of modern steelwork in buildings.



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Architecture is not just beautiful buildings, but also the science of the materials and structural functionality. As the world modernizes, architecture has followed. Modern architecture can mean many things, but the main ideology is that form follows function, meaning the design is dependent on the purpose.

Other common themes include simplicity and elimination of unnecessary details, 90 degree angles and strong horizontal and vertical lines, exposed structural elements, integrity of materials and use of industrially produced materials.

While some believe modern architecture is a result of social and political revolutions, others believe it is a result of technological and engineering advancements. No matter which perspective you share, steel has been a part of the construction of homes since the 1920s. Because steel is lightweight and adaptable, it is the perfect material for sturdy frames that are eco-friendly and long-lasting. Steel is also energy-efficient and recyclable. Steel outlasts other building materials, offering improved safety and resistance to wear and mould.