Dear Visitors, and Valued Clients

Our offices at Homefab Steel Truss and Frame and Homefab Building & Construction are currently closed to the general public as an extra precautionary measure to help protect our staff in addition to the Government requirements in place as a result of the current COVID-19 Pandemic situation.

Due to the covid precautionary measures we are taking with our staff, we only have a skeleton staff team available to us for the manning of our phones and email systems. We value your contact with us, and we will endeavour to contact you back as soon as we can.

Please be respectful and courteous to our staff in these trying times.

Visitors / Clients / Members of the Public

Please feel free to email for any queries, as our offices will be physically unattended to answer incoming calls for the next week. For any new enquiries, Please head to our website contact page and complete the Project details form.

Suppliers / Delivery Drivers

Please ensure you scan in with the Check in QLD App before proceeding to require any assistance from our production staff in the workshop with loading and unloading, incoming and outgoing goods or any other required tasks.

Please ensure to maintain social distancing whilst on the premises and be aware that entry into any indoor areas of this premises is not permitted without a face mask being worn. If you have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, a mask must be worn at all times.

Sorry for any inconvenience, your understanding is appreciated at this time.

Management Team of Homefab
(07) 4092 2369