Cyclone rated steel kit homes are the logical answer to building a new home in Northern Australia. For those people who are living in the beautiful northern regions of Australia, it is well understood that the risk of cyclones is a fact of life.

Homefab Steel Truss and Frame Mareeba was established in 1989 and has since entrenched it’s reputation as a leading DIY steel home supplier across Northern Australia.

With an extensive range of gorgeous home designs, all of which are Cyclone Rated, it makes sense to build a home for your family that will stand up to the cyclonic conditions that can occur year after year.

Ensure the safety of your family and peace of mind, by choosing and designing your new home using steel, manufactured by Homefab.

Custom Designed Cyclone Rated Steel Kit Homes

At Homefab, the home design team use the latest 3D design technology to help you create your custom home or refine their existing plans. Whether you choose to tweak an existing home design or you prefer to design your new home from scratch, Homefab has the answer.

Homefab have beautiful one, two, three, four and five bedroom home designs which all have popular floor plans, modern exterior elevations and most importantly they are Cyclone Rated to keep you and your family safe in cyclonic conditions.

There is no need to live in a concrete shelter, when you can enjoy all the comfort and convenience of a beautiful home which is purpose built for the climatic conditions of Far Northern Australia.

The Homefab DIY Construction System

The Homefab DIY Construction System is easy to use and requires no formal training, the Cyclone rated buildings are ideal for :

  • Owner builders living in Northern Australia
  • Housing in remote communities
  • Builders who like to take control of their job
  • Cost savings
  • Time efficiencies
  • Builders who prefer a superior more flexible construction solution
  • Families living in areas which are subjected to cyclonic weather condition

If you require a builder – whether it be to just erect steelwork, erect your new home to a Lock Up Stage, or to build your entire new home, please contact the team at Homefab.Homefab have a list of builders who are experienced, dedicated and come highly recommended to help their clients with product and services including:

  • Renovations
  • Home extensions
  • Garages
  • Customised sheds

For more information, contact the team at Homefab.6 Slade Street Mareeba Qld 4880
Phone: (07) 4092 2369
Mobile: 0417 641 970