Homefab is a regional business providing steel framed kit homes. The company is built on genuine relationships and a customer centered work philosophy, with a mission statement that says it all.

As the team at Homefab belong to the local, regional community, they support, educate and sponsor community programs and schools as well as participate in the strengthening of regional Australian towns and communities.

Homefab’s Mission

To be market leaders for the design, fabrication and delivery of high tensile, light gauge, steel framed building components such as steel sub-floors, steel wall frames & steel roof truss systems. Additional packages also available to varying stages of completion. Supplying to building Contractors, Owner Builders and Remote / Rural Councils for the Construction and Housing Industry within all Cyclonic Regions of Australia.

The point of difference with Homefab is that the company provides a greater purpose other than profit.

Points of difference include:

  • Providing meaningful employment for members of the local community
  • Engaging local builders
  • Purchasing materials from local businesses
  • Contributing to local and remote community initiatives
  • Supporting work experience, school awards and education programs
  • Investing in the latest technologies, to help customers make informed choices with the design process of their new kit home
  • Homefab “Green Smart Homes” are environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly and Efficient Steel Kit Homes

For those people who are conscious about reducing a negative impact on the planet when building a home, Homefab steel construction homes are a “greener” option for many reasons including:

  • Minimal site impact which is beneficial for those people who have chosen a homesite and do not want to disturb the natural trees, flora and fauna.
  • Homefab steel framed kit homes are ideal for sloping blocks and rugged terrain, when used in conjunction with suspended subfloor systems, there is much less cutting into the site, therefore leaving a much smaller imprint.
  • The frames don’t require additional chemical treatments to protect them from pest attack because the wall and roof framing is manufactured from TRUECORE® steel which is 100 percent termite and borer proof.
  • TRUECORE® steel is also non-combustible, so its use significantly reduces the amount of flammable material in a home

For those of you who would like more information or who are looking at building a home in Far Northern Queensland, you cannot go wrong when choosing to build a steel framed kit home.

Contact the team at Homefab, and find out just how easy it is to get your project started.

6 Slade Street Mareeba Qld 4880
Phone: (07) 4092 2369
Mobile: 0417 641 970
Email: sales@homefab.com.au