Steel framed homes offer a number of advantages over traditional timber-framed homes.   From it’s strength to its sustainability, steel framing consistently proves to be the better choice when it comes to building homes. Steel is a versatile building material that has led to its use in nearly every stage of the kit home construction process.  Here are a few benefits of building with steel:

1. Steel is lighter than wood

This surprises many people, but in actual fact, a steel framed system weighs less than a timber frame! This means that less labour is needed and shipping costs are lower when building with steel!

2. Steel is very versatile

Steel is a very versatile building material, making it a popular choice for building homes.  Structural steel can be moulded into virtually any shape, resulting in more creative home designs.  Using steel allows builders to create large open living areas, large open windows and doors and also the ability to build easily on sloping blocks!

3. Steel in environmentally friendly

Steel is made from recycled materials and is recycled at the end of its lifespan making it an environmental product. In addition, homes that are built with steel frames tend to be more energy efficient than those built with timber frames.  Steel framed homes tend to be more efficient in terms of thermal regulation, meaning less cooling in summer and heating in winter!

4. Steel is termite proof

Australia is home to a number of pests and one of the most destructive would have to be the termite!  Termites are often known as the ‘silent destroyer’, creating enormous damage to a home that usually goes undetected for years!  Thankfully, steel framed homes provide a lifetime guarantee against termites so it is something that homeowners will never have to worry about!

5. Steel is fireproof

Australia is also home to very destructive bush fires that can cause enormous damage and grief!  Steel, however, is non-combustible and will not bend or warp in a fire.  In fact, having a steel framed kit home can be the difference between having to rebuild a home or just fix it.

6. Steel is cyclone strong!

Living in Far North Queensland brings with it the promise of a relaxed, easy-going lifestyle.  However, with the balmy tropical weather, Far North Queensland is also exposed to destructive cyclones!  Therefore it has never been more important for homes to be built strong and to last.  Homeowners that choose to build with steel frames can rest assured that their home with withstand cyclonic winds.  Home fab conducts extensive testing at James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station to ensure their kit homes meet compliance with cyclonic winds across Northern Australia.

Steel is such a great product to work with. It’s no wonder it is being used to build more and more homes across Australia. At Homefab, we build beautiful steel framed homes that customers love.  Contact us to find out more about our range of magnificent steel framed homes!