Steel is fast becoming a popular building material for Australian homes. With its high strength to weight ratio, it has proven to be a superior construction material in many ways.  Many builders choose wood out of habit without considering the benefits of building with steel.  Steel, however, offers many advantages over timber as a building material for homes.  Steel does not rot, split, crack, expand or contract. If you choose to build with steel, your walls will always be straight, with square corners and you will never have the issue of settling cracks or jamming doors and windows.   Here are some of the main benefits of using steel to build your home.

1. Strength

Steel is designed to stand the test of time!  The strength and durability of steel provides the structural integrity needed in all environments and conditions found Australia wide.  Steel framed homes are built to survive cyclones up here in the northern tip of Australia or the colder climates further south.  They even have the strength to survive bushfires which are an ever present danger in our part of the world.  Extensive testing done at James Cook University ensures that all homes built by Homefab meet compliance with cyclonic wind loadings across North Queensland.  Truecore Steel will never warp, twist, sag or shrink so you can avoid problems such as doors getting jammed or settling cracks in your home.

2. Creative and flexible design

Steel framing allows for creative and flexible home designs.  They are perfect for people that like to think outside the box and create innovative and individualised homes.  The strength of steel allows for longer spans which creates large, open living areas.  The strength of steel allows you to add large windows and doors into your home design.  Steel framed designs are suitable for sloping or unusual blocks.

3. No Termites!

Termites are a constant concern for most Australian homeowners.  With steel framing, there’s no need to worry about these pesky pests.  All wall and framing made from Truecore steel is 100% termite and borer proof!  As a result, the frames don’t need chemical treatments or insecticides to protect them from termite attack!

4. A healthier home environment

Unlike timber, steel does not require chemical treatments to prevent pest attacks etc.  Consequently, homes with steel framing are recognised as a healthier option for people suffering from allergies or asthma.

5. Steel is environmentally friendly and efficient

Steel framed homes are built with minimal site impact, waste and the steel is also fully recyclable. Steel is lightweight, strong and delivered to the building site pre cut.  As a result, there is minimal site disturbance, mess and waste during construction.  When building your home on a sloping site, the need to cut into the ground is reduced when building with steel due to its strength and versatility.

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