When building a new home, we think it’s important to consider how it will impact our environment.  Far North Queensland is undoubtedly a beautiful part of the world and we would like to keep it that way!  At Homefab, we realise that our choice of building materials now, will impact future generations and we are passionate about building beautiful homes that are not only sustainable but energy efficient as well!

Steel has the potential to offer numerous sustainability benefits which can contribute towards less waste, less site disturbance and more energy efficient homes. The outcome is beneficial to the environment and to the homeowners pocket as they will have to spend less money on utilities and bills.  And who doesn’t want to save money on household bills?  The cost of living seems to constantly increase, making energy efficient homes a popular choice for many modern families.

Less Waste

Steel is a great material to build with as it is 100% recyclable and there is absolutely NO waste!  Any waste created during the manufacture of a kit home is valued and reused.  As a result, building with steel doesn’t have to contribute to growing landfill stress and costs!

Steel doesn’t need to be treated

Unlike timber, steel doesn’t require any pest or mould treatment.  The chemicals used to treat timber framed homes can pose both environmental and health risks.  By choosing steel for your kit home, you can avoid the use of these harsh chemicals and their impact on your health and the environment.

Less Impact on building site

The steel needed for steel framed homes are delivered to the construction site pre-cut so there is very little site disturbance and mess.  When building your kit home on a sloping site, the need to cut into the ground is reduced when building with steel due to its strength and versatility.

Energy efficient

Not only are steel framed homes more sustainable than homes built from timber or brick, they are also more energy efficient in terms of thermal regulation.  Steel framed homes generally tend to be more thermally efficient than other homes.  Having a new home that looks amazing is one thing but having a home that is comfortable to live in temperature wise is very important.  A home that requires constant heating and cooling can cost you thousands of dollars every year on energy bills, not to mention have a negative impact on the environment. The strength of steel allows thicker layers of insulation without compromising the structural integrity of the home. With thicker insulation, your home will be more energy efficient and more comfortable to live in!

Here at Homefab, we simply love steel and we believe steel is the building product of the future.  We take pride in building beautiful, unique, affordable homes that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.  We are proud to say that our homes ‘touch the Earth lightly’.  If you would like to know more about our homes, please contact us on ph  (07) 4092 2369