Building a Steel-Framed Home, also known as a Kit Home is becoming a popular option for people looking to build in Australia. Despite their increasing popularity, there are still many common misconceptions or myths about the use of steel that cause some people concern. Many people remain unconvinced about the suitability of steel structures mainly due to their limited knowledge about the product. Steel home construction offers many advantages over timber and block homes. Steel is a very strong and versatile material to build with, allowing flexibility and creativity in design, and homes with wide open living spaces. We will be taking a look at some of the common myths or misconceptions people have about Steel-Framed Homes and revealing the truth behind them!

Steel-Framed Homes are more likely to be struck by lightning

Lightning has less effect on steel as it is a positive conductor to the ground and not released destructively within the frame of the home. Any home, including timber or block homes, are at risk of being struck by lightning and Steel-Framed Homes are at no greater risk than any other home.

Steel-Framed Homes will rust

Protective coatings are used on steel to protect them against corrosion. Homefab uses a lot of Truecore Steel which has an alloy coating made of aluminium and zinc. It carries a conditional 50 year warranty against corrosion, giving you peace of mind. When the steel is cut, the galvanic action or sacrificial protection prevents corrosion of any steel exposed at cut edges.

Steel-Framed Homes are noisier than brick or timber homes

A popular misconception that often comes up is that Steel-Framed Homes are noisy! In reality, however, this is simply not true and there have been studies to prove it! Studies conducted by CSIRO found that ‘most occupants of homes with steel frames either reported no sound emitted from the frame or said that if it did, it was not a problem’. Some people even reported that there was less noise than timber framed houses!

Not as strong as brick homes

Steel is light but very strong! In fact, because it is so strong, it can be used instead of other materials such as hot rolled structural steel which is usually more expensive! Buildings made using Truecore Steel won’t warp, twist, sag or shrink, reducing the occurrence of things such as settling cracks, doors that jam etc. Another bonus is that steel is non-combustible, so it will not burn!

Not cyclone proof

All homes supplied by Homefab meet compliance with cyclonic wind loadings. We conduct extensive testing at James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station to ensure this!

Lenders won’t finance Steel-Framed Homes

While there may be some lenders out there that will not finance Steel-Framed Homes, most lenders recognise the advantages that Steel-Framed Homes have over conventional ones. As Steel-Framed Homes become more and more popular, we should find that more and more lenders are open to providing finance.

When it comes to Steel-Framed Homes, don’t always believe what you’ve read or been told! Building a Steel-Framed Home or Kit Home offers many advantages to traditional timber or block homes, especially if you are an owner builder. If you have any questions about Steel-Framed Homes, contact us at Homefab.

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