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Plan Drawing Services

Our Plan Drawing Services 

  • Using Revit Architect, Revit Structure and navisworks to design, develop and provide a 3D model which will assist in helping you - the client to view your new home from any location inside or outside your new home.We can even remove the roof which will allow you to see exactly how and where every cupboard, door and window is in your new home. You can even view your new home from any angle from the outside to gain a complete model of what your new home will look like.

3D Framing Slab


  • Using Revit allows for the perfect orientation of your new home which we can show just where the shadows will be cast at any time through out the year and season cycles.
  • Homefab's propriety Infoframe Steel Framing Design Software integrates with Revit to provide 3D view of the steel frame structure before it is even built. Homefab carries out a virtual build on your project before a peg is driven into the ground.


3D Render Slab

  • Revit drafting software allows for a much more economical working environment with the Project Engineer, Builder and other speciality contractors - such as the plumber, cabinet maker and other ssub-trades.
  • For the Builder and Owner Builder Revit provides an accurate Bill of Quantities for the structure along with a window and door schedule for ordering assistance.

3D Framed Stumps

  • It makes sense to have Homefab complete the Contructions Plans, Engineering Certificiation for the design of footings, structure and cyclone loading as it is all completed by the one firm which provides an economical saving to you the client.


3D Render Stumps

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