Steel Frame Homes – Built To Last!

Steel is fast becoming a popular building material for Australian homes. With its high strength to weight ratio, it has proven to be a superior construction material in many ways.  Many builders choose wood out of habit without considering the benefits of building with steel.  Steel, however, offers many advantages over timber as a building [...]

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Debunking The Myths Of Steel-Framed Homes

Building a Steel-Framed Home, also known as a Kit Home is becoming a popular option for people looking to build in Australia. Despite their increasing popularity, there are still many common misconceptions or myths about the use of steel that cause some people concern. Many people remain unconvinced about the suitability of steel structures mainly [...]

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Homefab QMBA Award Winners – FNQ Region – “The Best Use of Steel Framing Housing”

When artist David Vivian’s rainforest retreat was destroyed by fire, Homefab came on board to create ‘The Perch’ – an innovative new home that would rise from the ashes and go on to take top honours for ‘best use of steel framing’ in Queensland’s Master Builders Housing and Construction Awards. David was due to move into a [...]

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