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Whether you are considering the move to steel frame construction or are already a convert, Homefab’s product has a number of unique features that put it in a class above the rest. Here are the reasons why both new and experienced steel frame builders can be confident with Homefab’s steel homes.


Our system is fully pre-fabricated and complete with all major building components, fixings, brackets and screws included.


With over 28 years’ experience, our Homefab team is committed to ensuring that builders are able to provide the best possible homes or commercial building for their clients. Our commitment to you does not end with delivery of our prefabricated product as we know that your reputation and success depends on the quality of our product and service. We ensure this by:

  • providing a fully pre-fabricated product with all major building components, fixings, brackets and screws included
  • transporting our product in flatpacks to avoid damage
  • including a detailed instruction manual and plans
  • using a clear colour-coding and numbering system
  • visiting on-site when required
  • offering after hours advice and assistance



You save time and labour costs with pre-fabricated building components that can be put together quickly and easily.
The DIY solution allows you to do more jobs yourself which means greater income in your pocket.




At Homefab we believe in letting you know exactly what you will receive. Our system is fully pre-fabricated and complete with all major building components, fixings, brackets and screws included. Here is a breakdown of our main components and their features.





  • Stumps cut to required length

  • Capped ends prevent termites and rust

  • Stumps bolted to bearers – no on-site welding

  • Bearers in full lengths where possible– no on-site welding

  • Bearers with joist cleats fixed in place

  • Joists are lightweight/high strength/straight/ termite-free

  • Prefabricated to reduce labour costs on site

  • Joists cut to length

  • Floor components numbered/colour coded

  • Suits sloping sites

  • Adjustable bearer stands for sub-floor system provided free

  • Termite-free/lifetime assurance/fast to erect

  • Prefabricated/ lightweight/ high tensile TRUECORE® Steel – 50-year warranty

  • Strong, straight and true

  • Prefabricated in panels – not screwed on site together

  • Riveted connections with Henrob Self-piercing Riveting System make it point to the Henrob video / link here Dave to avoid corrosion

  • Straight/flat/true

  • No cyclone rods needed – faster installation

  • Pre-braced – accuracy during installation

  • Pre-punched tie down holes and bathtub and shower tray recess flashings

  • Bottom plates 68mm high – easy to fit skirtings

  • Wall frames numbered/colour coded

  • Lightweight – minimises use of cranes

  • Fabricated to any span or roof pitch – can be spaced at 1200mm centres even in W50 cyclone areas

  • Riveted connections with Henrob Self-piercing Riveting System to avoid corrosion

  • Hip Roof Systems –connection strips installed on trusses.

  • battened out gable end trusses – allow for faster installation

  • Quick and easy 200mm long hold down bolts into bond beam for masonry work

  • Trusses are 80mm wide for safety

  • Flat/straight/true – no bending or shrinkage

  • Termite resistant

  • Battens nest together – minimises transport cost

  • Ends cut at 45° for hip roofs

  • Straight

  • Long standard lengths 6.000mm & 7.100mm

  • lap easily

  • Termite-free