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Interesting Facts about Steel Framing

Interesting Facts about Steel Framing

Steel is well suited to Northern regions for many reasons. Homefab's steel products are cyclone rated by CMG Consulting Engineers. Steel lends itself to raised floors, large open living areas and large doors and windows, which encourages cool breezes to flow through and under the house, and is suited to sloping land.

The strength and durability of steel is unbeatable. Steel allows for wide spans between load bearing walls for wide-open living spaces and provides safety from cyclones. There is no design limitations.

Steel frames keep their shape – as they are pre-braced,steel will not twist, shrink or warp. Roofs and walls will stay straight and true – virtually eliminating doors that jam, windows that stick and cornices that crack due to frame movement.

Steel will not ignite and will not contribute to a fire. Please view the below video which is the testing results of a bush fire scenario that was carried out in Mogo, New South Wales in April 2010.

No chemicals
Steel framing is free from the toxic chemical treatments used to protect other types of frames from termites.

Steel framing is competitively priced.

Steel framing suits both concrete slab and sub-floor construction, and is compatible with all interior floor, wall and ceiling lining materials. It is ideal for steeply sloping sites.

Electrically safe
Steel frames are earthed so that any electrical leakage – including lightning – is conducted safely to the ground. 

Ideal for investors
Steel house framing won’t burn, rot, shrink, warp or twist and it is safe from termites – just what you want for a long-term investment.

Safe from Termites
If you live in a termite-prone area – and that’s more likely than you might think – there is no risk of termite damage to your house frame if is made from steel.

Speed of Construction
Steel is quicker to erect because the steel components used are pre-fabricated, which saves time on-site. Quicker construction means you spend less time waiting and paying rent.

The Homefab System

HF Steel Framing Facts


Homefab's Flooring System

 Flooring System 1



Flooring System 2





  • Steel Stumps - made to the required length
  • Capped both ends - No rust and No Termite Access
  • Stumps bolted to bearers - No On-Site Welding
  • Bearers can come in full lengths  - therefore eliminating any On-Site Welding
  • Bearers have joist cleats fixed in place - joist cleats are correctly positioned to enable the staggering of sheet joints which is required for plywood  or scyon sheeting - refer to Scyon Flooring Video                         
  • Steel joists are lightweight / high strength / Straight and Termite Free
  • Prebaricated - reduced labor costs during site installation
  • Steel FloorJoists are cut to length
  • All floor framing componenets are numbered / colour coded - includes instruciton manual
  • Homefab's floor system suits sloping sites - no earthwork costs
  • If you decide to purchase a sub-floor system,  Homefab will supply (free of charge), the bearer stands which are adjustable and help with the propping of the bearers as pictured here. 

Homefab's Steel Wall Frames


Wall Frames 1



Wall Frames 2

  • Steel Wall Frames - Termite Free / Lifetime Assurance / Fast Erection
  • Steel Wall Frames pre-fabricated high tensile / lightweight TRUECORE Steel by Bluescope Steel Australia - steel comes with a 50 year warranty
  • Steel Wall Frames are pre fabricated in panels - not tediously screwed together
  • Riveted connections - "Henrob Self Piercing Riveting System" - corrosion is no longer an issue
  • Steel Wall Frames face is flat / true / straight
  • Steel Wall Frames do not require cyclone rods - faster site installation
  • Steel Wall Frames are pre braced - remain true and square during installation
  • Steel Wall Frames have pre-punched holes for Steel Roof Truss Tie Down - Pre-punched tie down holes / pre-punched service holes / include bathtub and shower tray recess flashings
  • Botton Plates 68 mm high - easy to fit skirtings
  • All wall frames are numbered / colou coded - therefore no mistakes about What goes Where
  • We provide a wall frame identification, tie down bolt layout plan



Homefab's Steel Roof Trusses


Trusses 1   

Trusses 2


Trusses 3


  • Steel Roof Trusses - Lightweight - Limited need for Crane Hire On-Site
  • .600mm, .750mm, .900mm & 1.200mm overhangs are not an issue
  • Fabricated to any span or roof pitch and can be spaced at 1200mm Centres even in in W50 Cyclone Areas
  • Riveted connections - "Henrob Self Piercing Riveting System" - corrosion is no longer an issue
  • Hip Roof Systems - Brackets installed on truss - battened out gable end trusses - faster on site installation
  • Truss Tie Down Bolt Layout Plan - quick and easy 200mm long hold down bolts into bon beam for  masonry block
  • Steel Roof Trusses are 80mm wide making working on a roof safer
  • Steel Roof Trusses - Flat / Straight / True / No bending or shrinkage
  • Steel Roof Trusses - termite resistant / No Chemical treatment required / riveted to eliminate corrosion



Homefab's Steel Roof and Ceiling Battens


Ceiling & Roof Battens 1


Ceiling & Roof Battens 2


Ceiling & Roof Battens 3








  • Steel Battens nest together minimizing transport cost
  • Steel batten ends are cut at 45°
  • Steel battens - Straight
  • Come in long standard lengths - 6.000mm & 7.100mm
  • Steel Battens join easily
  • Steel Battens are termite Free


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