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Remote Areas

Remote Areas

Homefab has been supplying kits to remote areas for several years - and we know what you require. We understand that materials are sometimes not as readily available as they are in town, so we can supply you with all the building materials you require.

Termites are no longer a problem in remote areas with the Homefab system -  steel building components are naturally termite resistant and do not require routine maintenance use of poisons.

Easy Transportation

Homefab’s prefabricated house components are light weight and therefore easily transported to rural and remote areas of Queensland with no road escort requirements. Loading and packaging techniques adopted by Homefab eliminate the risk of damage which may occur on unsealed roads within our market area.

Please click on the photo below to view a small slideshow of Homefab's easy transportation methods - this load for a 6 Bedroom House went from Mareeba to South Hedland in Western Australia.

WA Load 1

 Easy Construction

Homefab’s quality control system ensures that all components arrive on site at the same time, and are clearly labelled for identification. We also offer an option to receive the building components in stages as required to decrease the chance of goods being stolen. All Homefab’s steel building components are coloured or numbered for ease of construction on site, which match up with the site instruction manual that is supplied.

Because Homefab’s steel building components are prefabricated, colour coded and numbered considerable savings in site construction time is achieved. The pre fabrication process, comprehensive site instruction manual, detailed on site instruction plans, delivery check list form an integral part of the kit to cater for users with minimal formal training.

Value adding within the steel frames such as the inclusion of pre-punched holes for the truss tie down, bottom plate to sub floor tie down, plunge bath or shower recess noggins, pre-bracing of both internal and external walls, pre punched studs for ease of plumbing and electrical cable and pipe installation and Homefab’s design registered truss brackets all contribute to on site savings.

Before and during the on site process Homefab will carry out any number of site visits to supervise and provide assistance in training where necessary or as required by the client.

The Homefab system is easy to use, and requires no formal training, which is why owner builders, cattle station owners and people wanting to build in remote areas use the Homefab system - as formal trade qualified people are rare to find in these regions.

Click on the pictures below to start a small slide show of Homefab projects completed by local remote community staff and employees.

Rural Remote 3

   Bamaga Steel Frame Work



Bamaga Completed Job  



The advantages include:

  • Assured compliance with Building Codes
  • Speed of Construction (with experience)
  • Training for long-term employment
  • Creation of local jobs –for local community people
  • Builds personal self-esteem, pride and achievement.
  • Builds community pride.
  • Builds local economy & keeps money in the community
  • Saves $$$$$

Durable Products

Homefab’s use of steel as the preferred structural component in all domestic and commercial buildings allows for a wide range of floor and or deck sheeting, internal wall lining, external wall cladding and roof sheet products.

Again utilising products that have maintenance free properties is an essential part of the overall design technique. Clients have the choice of using a plastic composite decking timber in lieu of general hardwood that are available.There is a choice of Scyon Flooring (Compressed Fibre Cement) in lieu of plywood for living and wet areas - please make sure to view the Scyon Flooring Video

Internal wall lining maintenance free choices include Villaboard in all wet areas, and Pine Ridge Sheeting in lieu of Gyprock.

External wall cladding maintenance free choices include the use of Colourbond Claddings, James Hardie Products integrated with the use of Aircell insulation.

Zincalume or Colourbond Roof cladding integrated with Aircell insulation is our preferred roofing product in remote areas due to the products durability and ability to flat pack throughout the transit process. The use of Colourbond Mini Rib Cladding for soffits and verandah ceilings is proving very popular due to low maintenance aspects.

Please feel free to telelphone us for low maintenance options that are cost effective and attractive to suit your building requirements.

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