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Testimonials from our clients

Homefab has received many testimonials from happy clients. We have listed a few for you here to read through, from different community sectors.

 Owner Builder - Satisfying Experience

R Anderson                          R Anderson

"Building with Homefab was a breeze! As an Owner Builder I had in my mind to build a house that was tough, maintenance free, as environmentally friendly as possible, and at the same attractive and different"....           Read More >>


Remote Areas - Important Time Frames

EPA & DERM Project 1        EPA & DERM Project 2


"I know how important it is to cut the time
spent on building in such a remote areas so your product certainly
delivers to this aspect"....    
  Read More >> 


 Owner Builder - Cost Savings & Ease of Site Installation

Hastie Testimonial

"We chose to Owner build for the cost savings involved and because the
Homefab system appealed to us and for ease of site installation"....   
 Read More >> 


Owner Builder - Superior Quality Product Care for Detail

Chew 1     Chew 2


"We chose Homefab for the superior quality of their product, for their
professionalism, and obvious care for detail"....     


Builder - Best kits to have built with

Jacobs 1     Jacobs 2


"The builder that we had erecting our kit for us said it is one of the best kits
they have built with"....     
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More Testimonials to read from satisfied Homefab Clients:

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"reference to Cyclone Larry" .... Read More

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"the services, the quality, the attention to details".... Read More

"the product arrives on site in excellent condition".... Read More

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