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Information for Building Contractors

 If you are looking for a way to save you time and money on site, with a product that is easy to use, strong, straight, true and flexible in design, then you should read this. Keep in mind that at Homefab we use the term "kit" referring to the prefabricated steel building components that arrive in one or two truckloads.

Homefab was established in 1989, and we are continually developing new ways to help our clients save time and money on-site. There were a number of points we have had to address over the years.

The first concern was corrosion. Bluescope has developed a lightweight, high tensile steel called "Zincalume", which has a protective coating. This coating, in conjunction with good building practices protects the the steel from corrosion. Bluescope's zincalume product was ideal due to it's light weight, which makes it is easy to handle during fabrication and on site.

The next development was a fastening method that suited prefabrication. Previous techniques used to fix frames together such as pinching, screwing and welding have all proven tedious or unreliable in terms of time (cost), strength, corrosion. Pinching isn't strong enough, screwing takes too long, which results in higher labour costs and welding changes the properties of the metal to make (of all places) the joins susceptible to corrosion. Homefab uses a self piercing riveting method, which was developed by Henrob.

With the Henrob system, a rivet is forced through the steel using a hydraulic machine, and locked securely into place. This method is faster than any other method that Homefab has tested, and as a result of intensive research at James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station in Townsville, Henrob's technique has proven the strongest method. The rivet sits flush with the steel, leaving a clean flat surface for internal sheeting to be applied.

Henrob Riveter

Homefab trusses are 80mm wide, which makes working on the roof safer. In terms of cyclone ratings and wind loadings etc, steel is ideal for withstanding the damaging cyclones. Homefab's system has had components thoroughly tested at the cyclone testing station at James Cook University in Townsville

Building Contractors Trusses

We can provide you with complete kits, enclosed stage kits, trusses, wall frames flooring, handrails steps and most major building components for lightweight residential and commercial buildings.

All our building components are made of steel, are pre-fabricated, and come with an instruction booklet, so that on site the components can be put together quickly and easily.

To save more time on site, Homefab incorporates bath tub nogging, pre-punched top and bottom plates for truss and wall tie down and pre-punched stud for electrical cables and plumbing pipes.

Homefab recognises the importance of reducing time and cost on site. This includes:

  • the installation of pre-bracing into internal & external pre fabricated wall frames,
  • pre punching of the top & bottom plate for the slab and roof truss tie down,
  • pre-punching of the studs for plumbing pipes and electrical cable,
  • installing recesses for plunge baths and showers units
  • and screw-fixing cleats to the subfloor so it matches the bottom plate tie-down

So not only is our system fully pre-fabricated, the system is complete, and all the major building components, fixings, brackets and screws are included. For more information about Homefab, contact our office:



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